Experience the ultimate fusion of trash polk style and urban fashion. Delve into a world of black and white, graffiti, and underground vibes – we've got it all!

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This brand is registered and patented for the European Union by the patent office in the Republic of Bulgaria, it is licensed for the textile industry and any type of accessories is related to it.
The brand is born 2018 years ago in west side to Sofia city from Bulgaria.
XARTFIVE by Ivan Angelov
Hello dear readers , today I would like to tell you about a poor boy from the western part of Sofia , where the idea for the brand was born!

Not more than 4 years ago and now we are driving 5 ta , in one sleepless night I created the brand "X-5" namely 
"X" from - extremely something crazy and forbidden , from ART - art and a way to express yourself with a palette and finally FIVE comes from my favorite number and the date I was born! 
It all started when I picked up the brush and started spraying a baseball cap with a visor , put some white spray then some pink and took , it turned out interesting and stylish. I started buying plain clothes and hats , painting on them and then posting them for fun on my page. People's reaction surprised me when they started ordering and asking me for more pieces. I then moved on to the stage of foiling my items and splashing paint on them accordingly and it made for an interesting combination which people also liked , everything was going well until I came across the interest of investors and people with opportunities , who wanted to "help" me develop my business but it didn't work out and I had to pay back what they invested and without any success for me and my brand but as you know not everything is "flowers and roses" and since then I realized that for me this is not just a brand and a business but a passion and a way of expressing myself in every creation I make. 
I remember when I was younger and I wanted to have short ripped jeans , I used to go with my mom and dad to a bit market called whip and from there I used to take old maro jeans and turn them into something interesting and nice to wear , I used to do the same with t-shirts and long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts.
I cut , cut , scrubbed with the kitchen grater and then sprayed with an old paintbrush and told myself , why wear "someone else's" clothes when I can wear something that is mine! 
The style and street fashion sense has been in me since early childhood. 
I love to dress well, to combine certain styles and always with the right accessories!

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Izabella Hristova

She is responsible for the brand's social networks as well as its media development, meets with clients and negotiates future projects


Ivan Angelov

He is the creator of the brand and a designer in it, he sits behind the computer and thinks of new projects to make you even cooler with our clothes